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Discover the possibilities of waterjet cutting.

Waterjet cutting is revolutionizing the machining of parts. With the waterjet we can cut fast, extremely precise and almost any material. By optimizing this process, we can achieve reduced unit costs, which results in greater cost efficiency for you. Our experts work nationwide, let us be your partner in production. We are competent consultants and committed partners for your company in technical or industrial areas.

Fast & Flexible

We have the most common materials in stock, special materials can be brought to us or we can organize them.


If you would like to produce prototypes or test whether a material can be cut with the waterjet, please contact us and you will receive an appointment on the same day.

Simple procedure

All that we need from you is a drawing or a template which we use to swiftly create a CNC program.

Small & large series

Flexibly we produce your small series economically, we can also produce large series. Please contact us for an offer.


Due to the short set-up time for waterjet cutting, even individual parts can be produced economically.

Express production

It must go particularly fast?
Thanks to our warehouse we are able to produce many projects within a very short time.

Complete documentation according to ISO 9001:2015

We document every production step in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and can therefore offer you consistently high quality and reliability. We carefully check whether each object we cut meets the corresponding requirements for cutting accuracy and tolerances.

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With our water jet systems we cut individual parts, prototypes, blanks, small series and large series for you from almost any material.

All that we need from you is a drawing or a template which we use to swiftly create a CNC program.
We have the most common materials in stock, special materials can be brought to us or we can organize them.
We can process your order at short notice, quickly and cost-effectively. If you would like to produce prototypes or test a material for feasibility, please contact us and you will receive an appointment on the same day.

We use two different water jet cutting methods: Pure water and abrasive cutting. In both processes we can cut materials up to 200 mm in thickness. For very small and precise parts, such as for medical or automotive applications, we use Microjet technology with a cutting width of only 0.25 mm.

We use pure water cutting to cut soft materials such as foam, rubber, wood and many others. If a hard material, such as glass, bullet-proof glass, plastic, metals (steel, tool steel, copper, titanium, aluminium, etc.), stones, ceramics, composite materials (GRP, CFRP), etc. is to be cut, we use the abrasive method.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit our production facility in Karlsruhe (Zeppelinstraße 7a) and get more information about our manufacturing capabilities.

We are here for you. In Karlsruhe, regionally, nationally and Europe-wide.

Nationwide & Regional

Since we already have many materials in stock and produce flexibly, we can deliver quickly throughout Germany and Europe.


Customers throughout Europe trust us with their projects. We can deliver reliably throughout Europe.

Our experience is your experience.

With 20 years of experience in the waterjet industry, our team offers professional and technical expertise through individual consulting, customized training opportunities and innovative products. With our services you can optimize production processes, increase the sustainability of your production and reduce medium and long-term costs. Together with you, we develop and implement innovative solutions.



The following application areas give you a small insight into where waterjet cutting is already used.

Mechanical Engineering

Gears, castings, assemblies made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass and seals of all materials.

Aerospace industry

Titanium, aluminum, Cr-Ni-based alloys as well as composite materials as they are preferably used in aircraft component and engine construction.

Glass Industry

Bulletproof, laminated and plexiglass.

Electrical industry

Mica, cellulose, composite resins, circuit boards, sintered material (ferrite).

Wood industry

Laminated wood panels, veneers, hardwood.

Residential and industrial construction

Mosaics, slabs, tiles, hard stone blocks, concrete, Plasterboards, insulating materials, mineral fibers.

Textile Industry

Fabrics (airbags), leather, carpets and tiles.

Medical Technology

Smallest markers, implants or templates and tools.

High precision

For particularly fine, precise parts, such as for medical applications, we use the Microjet process with a cutting width of only 0.25 mm.


Waterjet Cutting FAQ

Which materials can be cut?

Waterjet cutting is versatile and cuts almost any material, e.g. composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone or rock, ceramics and rubber. With the addition of a granular abrasive, a waterjet cutting machine can make high-quality cuts in materials up to 200 mm thick.

What does "cold cutting process" mean?

A great advantage of waterjet cutting is that the cold cutting process does not create a heat-affected zone (HAZ). Cold cutting not only enables clean cuts, but also considerably increases the safety of the operating personnel, as the danger of burns is eliminated.

Does the material warp?

The cold cutting process allows the heat effect to be bypassed, which is particularly important for materials such as metal. This results in a smooth and burr-free cut without deformation of the material.

Is additional post-processing necessary?

The immediately high cut quality guarantees a precise result and avoids an additional finishing process. This speeds up the cutting process considerably, saves time and increases overall efficiency.

What is waterjet cutting like for the environment?

The growing importance of environmentally friendly processes throughout the industry is becoming increasingly clear. A major advantage of waterjet cutting is that, unlike other cutting technologies, no hazardous waste in the form of vapors and gases is produced.

Extremely hard materials

With our waterjet machines we can cut not only standard materials, but also materials that have a high tensile strength or are very hard. For example: Tool steel, ballistic ceramics, bullet-proof glass, titanium, etc…

Cutting of all materials

Thanks to water jet technology, we can cut all kinds of materials for you in a versatile way and with optimal quality.

Waterjet cutting compared to plasma and laser cutting

Laser and plasma cutting are processes in which extremely high heat is applied to the material, which makes the cut unclean.

Waterjet cutting offers several advantages over laser and plasma cutting:

  • Even the cutting of the thickest materials, up to a thickness of 200 mm possible.
  • There is no thermal stress and no discoloration during water jet cutting.
  • No tension can build up in the material, so cracks are impossible.

We can perform all types of water jet cutting.

Waterjet cutting speed in comparison

20 pro
20% Cutting speed
40 pro
40% Cutting speed
60 pro
60% Cutting speed
80 pro
80% Cutting speed

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