Metal water jet cutting

Metal waterjet cutting at great prices?

When cutting metals, waterjet cutting is more versatile compared to laser and plasma cutting. Materials with a thickness of up to 300 mm can be cut.

The unique ability of a waterjet cutting machine with an abrasive waterjet to cut very intricate and filigree patterns at high speed without breaking the workpiece offers you unique possibilities.
This technology enables us to realise almost any idea for you and to manufacture it at a reasonable price.
We can cut any material or metal with our waterjet cutting machines.

Compared to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, we can cut contours and shapes with our waterjet cutting systems that would otherwise not be possible. At the same time, waterjet technology ensures a drastic reduction in machining times. These savings ensure cost-effective production, which despite the high accuracy and speed deliver a perfect result without reworking for a good price.

Perfect cut edges

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, and this feature makes it ideal for applications where the workpiece must not be affected by heat. This feature also ensures perfect dimensional accuracy, as the component does not warp due to the effects of heat. This enables us to produce even very delicate designs. The material retains its original appearance and strength.

Minimal kerf

Due to the possibility of achieving very small cutting widths with a waterjet cutting system, we can realise almost any design perfectly.
With our machines, we can easily cut complicated metal plates for you, as well as difficult corners and holes on plate edges. We also have less material waste when cutting with the waterjet compared to other methods.

Put us to the test.

Your material, your requirements, our waterjet cutting systems.

Waterjet cutting - the technology

The water is put under high pressure by a specialised high-pressure pump, which is specially designed for extreme pressures. Due to the extreme water pressure of up to 6000 bar, the water can reach twice the speed of sound when leaving the nozzle. For cutting relatively soft materials such as rubber and insulating materials, we only use the pure water jet, which is bundled and extremely accelerated. For waterjet cutting of firmer and high-strength materials, extra sharp, pointed sand is added to the waterjet. This sand is also called abrasive and serves as an abrasive that virtually grinds away the material during cutting.
Strictly speaking, this cutting process is not cutting, but high-speed grinding.

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