Waterjet cutting cost

Waterjet cutting cost
Cost-effective and efficient!
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Waterjet cutting

With a waterjet cutting machine, even the hardest materials can be cut cleanly. We manufacture everything for you, from individual parts to prototypes and blanks, whether small series or large series. We use two different waterjet cutting processes for machining: Clean water and abrasive cutting. With both processes, we can cut materials up to 200 mm thick. Pure water cutting is used to cut soft materials such as foam, rubber and even wood. For hard materials, such as glass, bulletproof glass, plastic, metals, etc., we use the abrasive process. Here, a fine but very sharp-edged sand is added to the water jet, which "cuts" the component. You are also welcome to visit us directly and convince yourself of the technology on site.

High precision

But we can also manufacture particularly small and precise parts. For precision parts, we rely on the Microjet process with a cutting width of only 0.25 mm. This allows us to produce very precisely manufactured components for medical and automotive applications.

Waterjet cutting cost

Unfortunately we can not present a price list, we calculate the cost of each project individually, so we can always guarantee you a good price. Most materials also already have in stock, we can quickly provide you with a good offer.

Cost-effective: Waterjet cutting Karlsruhe

Due to the fact that we have a very short set-up time for waterjet cutting, we can produce even very small series and prototypes for you very cost-effectively. Cutting with a waterjet cutting machine leaves extremely clean edges, so the components do not need much further processing to achieve a good result.

All we need is a drawing or template.

Overall, it can be said that waterjet cutting is a cost-effective alternative to traditional cutting methods. By using this technology, companies can reduce their costs while improving their efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at waterjet cutting costs in order to take full advantage of this technology.

Waterjet cutting materials

We can cut almost any material with our machines. Our team with over 20 years of experience knows almost every material.

We are here for you. In Karlsruhe, regionally, nationally and Europe-wide.

Nationwide & Regional

Since we already have many materials in stock and produce flexibly, we can deliver quickly throughout Germany and Europe.


Customers throughout Europe trust us with their projects. We can deliver reliably throughout Europe.

Contact and consulting

Waterjet Production Academy GmbH

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+49(0)721 46466226


We work nationwide!

We offer our services not only regionally in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg), but also take on projects for our customers throughout Germany and Europe. Since we already have many materials and components directly in stock and cooperate with reliable forwarding agencies, the geographical distance is only present on paper. We already serve customers from the cities of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, and many other major German cities. We are open for inquiries from federal states like Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Thuringia and all others.

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